5 Tips for Buying High Quality Organic Meat Online

by FarmClub Editorial

5 Tips for Buying High Quality Organic Meat Online

Organic meat has become the meat of choice of many because it is healthier and more sustainable. And the good news is that buying organic meat online is now easier than ever. However, one tricky aspect of organic meat delivery is that you can't inspect the products personally.

Here are five important tips to help you buy organic and local farm meat in Canada.

  1. Get to Know Your Source

You should get to know the store offering organic meat delivery services. Buy your meat only from a reputable shop. Look for reviews from previous clients and check what they have to say regarding the services and quality of the products delivered.

The website should clearly state where they source their meat products and if they are acquired using sustainable processes. Make sure the shop takes all proper measures when it comes to handling and shipping. 

  1. Understand the Meat Labels

One way to ensure you get quality organic meat is by checking the labels. When a product is labeled "100% organic," it is made of only organic ingredients. Meanwhile, if the label says "organic," it is at least 95% organic. In Canada, organic products will have the Canadian Organic Logo and be certified according to the Canadian Organic Standards.

Check if the meat is labeled natural, pasture-raised, grass-fed, or organic. These labels indicate that the products were sourced ethically and sustainably.

  1. Learn How to Identify Good Meat Cuts

You must know how to identify a good cut of beef or pork so you can order your meat products according to what you need them for. For steak cuts, thickness is essential; it should be around one inch thick. For ground beef, you want meat that’s 90% lean.

The most common pork cuts are tenderloin, shoulder, and pork chops. Pork tenderloin is the most tender cut and perfect for dishes that call for rubs, marinades, and spices. The pork shoulder is a budget cut that is tender and flavor-packed – making it ideal for braising or stewing. The pork chops are incredibly easy to cook and have a significant but mild flavor.

  1. Prepare to Pay More

If you want quality meat, you must be prepared to pay more. It's typical for organic beef to be more expensive, but there will always be a way to save up some money without sacrificing quality. You can save money with bulk meat orders, or you can wait for special discounts and sales promotions.

  1. Check the Processing and Shipping Methods

When buying organic meat online, you should understand how the products are processed and shipped. The meat should be prepared in a clean and food-safe environment.

Since meat is perishable, you must also ensure that the meat you buy is properly handled and shipped without delays. The meat is usually frozen to prevent wastage and shipped in special containers to avoid spoilage.


Looking for a good source of meat products can be overwhelming. But you can get high-quality organic meat delivered if you know where and how to look. And if you are looking for local meat delivery or sustainable meat delivery, Farm Club Meats & Fish is your go-to shop. All our meat products are sourced locally and raised drug-free without any antibiotics.