High Quality, Low Cost Meat & Fish Delivery

At Farm Club Meats & Fish, our meat is sourced local,
free-range, drug-free without the use of antibiotics. Our fish is wild-caught
or sustainably farm-raised. No gimmicks, not subscriptions, just simply
ordering meat and fish online. Simply the best meat delivery service in Canada.

FREE DELIVERY on orders from $399 and up. Orders below
will have small delivery fee of $49.99.

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Our meat and fish delivery is available in Ontario and
Quebec. Contact us at info@farmclubmeats.ca for delivery elsewhere in Canada.  

Good quality meat is not supposed to be cheap, but we
make it affordable #makingendsmeat

Order local meat online with Farm Club Meats & Fish

We remove the middle man and products are shipped directly from our butcher to your door. It’s high-end quality at wholesale prices – the best prices, in fact, in Canada and we will ship within the delivery area right to your doorstep. No middle man, delivered straight from our production plant to your doorstep. We pride ourselves on transparency and a high-quality product for a low price. We make online meat and fish ordering transparent, affordable, is convenient, and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping, Delivery
& Packaging

How are your meat and fish products packaged?

Most of our products are IVP (Individually Vacuum Packed),
some are IQF (Individually Quickly Frozen) loose in a bag. Depending on the
product type we decide what is best to preserve the freshness as long as

How do you ship and deliver?

Orders up to 10 boxes are normally packed in insulated shipping
boxes combined with dry ice and are shipped overnight. You will not have to be
home to receive your fish or meat boxes. We can leave them at your door and
everything should stay frozen for up to 48 hours. We usually use carriers like
FedEx, UPS and other local agencies that specialize in online grocery delivery.

Orders over 10 boxes are shipped by reefer freezer van and
scheduled on a day that works for you. You must be home to receive this type of
delivery and sign for the packages.

Where do you deliver to?

Almost all of Ontario and Quebec. Any major city from
Windsor to Toronto and Ottawa and Montreal near a major route or highway is
never a problem. If you live in a far away rural area, please check with us before

Can I give a preference for delivery date?

Yes, you can, just make sure to leave a note at checkout.
We try to accommodate our customers as best as we can.  We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date
and window, this depends on the shipper.

How soon can I expect my delivery after placing an order?

Depending on the order size and product, within 3 days to
3 weeks. Smaller orders are usually shipped out on Mondays following your order
date. For larger orders we need to arrange a bit more time as all products will
be cut just for that order.

How long will your meat boxes last in the freezer?

We cannot guarantee a specific time window but you can count
on easily months to a year. We do recommend to check the condition of the vacuum
pack on a regular basis just to make sure they did not break. If they did you
should eat these products first.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders of $399 and over.

What are Club Packs?

Our Club Packs are the exact same products as our regular
meat but packaged differently for even more savings and ideal for families, parties,
or big meat-eaters. Where our regular product is usually individually packaged
(IVP) or packaged in small quantities, the Club Packs are packaged in larger
numbers or the boxes comes in a larger size (e.g. 20lb instead of 10lb).

Our regular ground beef, for example, is 1lb a pack and
our regular chicken breasts would be 2 breasts per pack. The Club Pack ground
beef would be 2lbs each and the Club Pack chicken breasts would be 6 to a
package. This simplifies the packing process and reduces the labour hours to
assemble packages.

Be advised that an order that contains Club Packs come in
the larger, 20lbs box versus the 10lbs boxes for regular orders. If you are a
small meat consumer, we recommend the regular packaging so that you do not end
up defrosting meat you won’t get around to eating.



Products, Sourcing and Animal

Where do you source your meat from?

Most of our meat is from Ontario and some from Quebec.

What are your criteria for sourcing your livestock and

We support local farms, so there is a big emphasis on Canadian
farmers and regenerative agriculture. We seek farmers who have the highest ethics
when it comes to animal welfare. This means pasture raised or free-range where possible,
otherwise free-run. Never the unnecessary use of antibiotics or added growth
hormones. As organic as possible.

Where is your grass-fed beef from?

The majority is from a grass-fed grass-finished beef farm
located close to Peterborough, Ontario but we source some more from a variety
of smaller scaled farmers.

Where do you source your fish from?

Our fish is sourced from various places. Some are
wild-caught and some are sustainable farm-raised. When you click on each
product it will tell you more about the sourcing. All our fish is cut and
packaged in a federally inspected facility.

Are all your products frozen?

For the majority part, yes. But sometimes we cut and
package orders the night before and they will still be unfrozen upon arrival at
your door.

What products do you offer?

Just have a look at our online meat shop. Beef, grass-fed
beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish and more.

What is grass-fed beef, grass-finished beef, grain-fed

We have dedicated a whole blog article to answer that question.
Read it here.

Is your beef aged?

Yes, we age all of our beef for a minimum of 3 weeks.



Pricing and other

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, for first time customers we offer a $50 discount.
Use code SAVE50 at checkout. Also keep a close eye on our social medias like
Google, Facebook and Instagram for promotions and sales. Follow us and stay up
to date.

Are you the best butcher box service in Canada?

We’ll let our customers decide on that one. But according
to many comparison sites we are the best butcher box of Toronto, Montreal,
London, Ottawa and Quebec.

How do you compare in pricing?

For pricing comparison, we recommend that you shop around
for your answers. There are many comparison and rating websites who have done some
of the legwork for you and compare meat companies similar to ours. As far as we
know we have the best online grocery prices for meat and fish.

Do you offer any freezer promotions?

We do not ship or deliver freezers ourselves. If you are
looking for a good freezer, we recommend that you do your research into the
size and type of freezer well. We like to stay focused on what we are best at: high
quality meat and fish delivery.