High Quality, Low Cost Meat & Fish Delivery

At Farm Club Meats & Fish, our meat is sourced local, where possible, and our fish is wild-caught or sustainably farm-raised. We pride ourselves on transparency and a high quality product for a low price. Ordering your meat and fish online with delivery through Farm Club is convenient, and hassle-free. You don’t have to pick up from a grocery store or wait in line. Making local meat delivery convenient. #makingendsmeat
Farm Club delivers within the Toronto GTA to anywhere in Ontario, Quebec, and Canada-wide.

Ordering With Farm Club Meats & Fish

We remove the middle man and products are shipped directly from our butcher to your door. It’s high-end quality at wholesale prices – the best prices, in fact, in Canada and we will ship within the delivery area right to your doorstep. Stores buy their products cheaper than they sell them for. This is because they purchase many more of an item than a person would typically buy at once. As prices are lower for buying bigger quantities directly from the source, through FarmClub Meats ordering is how we are able to offer you the best price possible for high quality meat and fish.

What are ClubPacks?

Our ClubPacks are the exact same products as our regular meat but packaged differently for even more savings and ideal for families, parties or big meat-eaters. Where our regular product is usually individually packaged (IVP) or packaged in small quantities, the ClubPacks are packaged in larger numbers.

Our regular ground beef, for example, is 1lb a pack and our regular chicken breasts would be 2 breasts per pack. The ClubPack ground beef would be 2lbs each and the ClubPack chicken breasts would be 6 to a package. This simplifies the packing process and reduces the labour hours to assemble packages.

Be advised that an order that contains ClubPacks come in the larger, 20lbs box versus the 10lbs boxes for regular orders. If you are a small meat consumer, we recommend the regular packaging so that you don’t end up defrosting meat you won’t get around to eating.