Best Meat Delivery Company Montreal

by FarmClub Editorial

Not only in Ontario but also in Quebec we are rated the best meat delivery company! Meat Delivery Montreal took all relevant meat delivery companies under the loop and rated Farm Club Meats & Fish the best meat delivery option of Montreal.

Meat Delivery Montreal


- total price of meat & fish order
- product claims, sourcing, & certification
- order process and shop experience
- customer service and reviews
- price transparency
- minimum order for bulk savings

Products compared were 40lb of the following:


Top 10 Meat Delivery Companies Montreal:


Company Name

Total Price*


Farm Club Meat & Fish

 $  2,264.73


Papa Earth

 $  2,332.59


MayRand Food Depot

 $  2,416.42


Ottawa Valley Meats

 $  2,516.80


ButcherBox Canada

 $  2,903.20



 $  3,389.98


Les Ferms Valens

 $  3,174.22


Farm to Fork

 $  3,456.35



 $  4,332.89



 $  3,683.60


From their website:

‘Farm Club Meats is the featured winner for best bulk meat & fish ordering in Montreal. Local delivery meat box with a vast selection of product, high quality product sourcing, very transparent inventory description, and cheapest price all add up to #1 in our reviews for Farm Club. Meat Delivery Montreal: Bulk Box Order Facts has also found a Club-Packs option on their website which provided additional cost savings for local meat & fish delivery. Montreal bulk box order options for home delivery butcher meat & fish are easily found online, however few offer a price below $2500 per year for Montreal meat & fish delivery.

Only two companies in our reviews received a 6/6 rating for the Meat Delivery Montreal checklist of: cost, bulk box savings, price transparency, product sourcing, purchasing process, and customer priority. This was Farm Club Meats and Papa Earth. Meat Delivery Montreal featured winner: Farm Club.’

Meat Delivery in Montreal including local surrounding cities/towns in: Longueuil, Dorval, Laval, Saint-remi, Beloeil, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Marieville, Vercheres, Sainte-Martine, Napierville, Laurentides, Saint-jerome, Saint-Denis, Saint-cesaire, Contrecoeur, and more. Providing a top 10 reference for home delivery meat box ordering. Local butcher meat Montreal.

There are many butcher box services in the USA, but in Canada options are limited. Farm Club Meats is by far the most cost effective butcher box service available in Montreal and the rest of Canada.