Drug Free Pork

by FarmClub Editorial

FarmClub’s pork is locally raised in Ontario.

Our hog farmers are hyper-focused on safety, sustainability and accountability. All of their pork is traceable down to the fields and grain that their hogs are fed. Their hog suppliers are a part of a closed-cycle of farming which means that the farmers grow the corn and wheat that they feed their pigs; raise those animals naturally and finally are connected intimately with the end processor. Having the farmers raise both the feed and the animal on the same lands helps maintain the richness and quality of the soils and is a proven sustainable production process. Having a hand in all parts of the operation is how they are able to deliver consistent quality, ensure the ethics at every stage and monitor for areas for improvement. 

All of the FarmClub pork supplying farms are in Ontario and are family-owned, which means the farms and families’ successes are linked directly to the quality they produce, unlike corporate-owned farms. As with all the meat FarmClub serves, no hormones or chemicals are used in raising the hogs that FarmClub Meats accepts.

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