Meat Delivery Ottawa

by FarmClub Editorial

Meat Delivery Ottawa

Meat Delivery Ottawa took all local meat delivery companies under the loop. Farm Club Meats is the best meat order company in Ottawa and Surroundings according to Meat Delivery Ottawa editorial and their researchers.

The following elements were chosen as criteria research:

- Minimum entry order (what is the minimum spend to benefit from bulk ordering prices?)
- Price transparency (are there hidden costs, additional fees, are prices listed clearly?)
- Total price
- Product claims, sourcing and certifications
- Order process (ease of ordering and paying, user friendly online meat shop)
- Customer service and reviews

All company pricing and quotes are based on EQUAL types of products and amounts of:
- Ground Beef (40lb)
Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon (40lb)
- Pork Bacon (40lb)
- Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (40lb)
- Striploin Steaks (40lb)

Meat Delivery in Ottawa, Gatineau, Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, Kingston, Trenton, Belleville, Cornwall and Brockville. According to Meat Delivery Ottawa editorial: “We rated Farm Club Meats & Fisht best meat delivery company in Ottawa and surroundings. Easy-to-use online meat shop, transparent sourcing & pricing, best prices and fast response by email made Farm Club Meats stand out far above their competition.”

Ranked below from best to worst, a top 10 of Ottawa meat and fish delivery options: 

  1. Farm Club Meats and Fish
  2. Papa Earth
  3. Prime Plus Meats
  4. Ottawa Valley Meats
  5. CA
  6. Farm2Fork Delivery
  7. Wiser Meats
  8. TruLocal
  9. NutraFarms
  10. Canadian Home Grocers.

“Meat Delivery Ottawa: Bulk Box Order Facts knows that Ottawa, Ontario provides options for many online meal ordering services, let alone meat box ordering for your high-quality butcher meats delivered directly to your door. One might think comparing your options between the meat & fish delivery companies is simple, however, it's a time-consuming process to look into the details of background, quality, quantity, and price. Impulse buyers might not pay attention to the finer details, however, when looking closely there are some key factors that separate each company from best to worst.”

Farm Club provides the lowest prices with transparent sourcing and product quantity. Their easy to use online meat shop was also a stand-out factor. There are no minimum orders required to receive the lowest bulk order price, with a simple, clear, and easy ordering process online. For the full review and research visit