Grass Fed Beef - 100% Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Beef

by FarmClub Editorial

Great Southern Pinnacle is FarmClub’s grass fed beef supplier from Australia. They raise their animals on some of the country’s most prestigious farming lands. The year-round rainfall and pretty regular weather mean that they are in the perfect environment for raising high quality, natural beef.

They deliver quality beef consistently because they respect and care for their animals. They don’t come from feedlots. Their cows are free to roam and eat naturally their entire lives, the way they should.

Our grass fed beef is guaranteed 100% grass-fed beef that is free-range and free of antibiotics, genetically modified organisms and hormones. Our farmers pride themselves on farming without shortcuts and without stress to the animals and this translates to better tasting beef with marbling and tenderness that is close to perfection.

The JBS Farm Assurance program is an Australian cattle raiser partnership and regulatory body that assembles farmers with common values and practices that also are mindful of the environment. They select farmers that are innovative, focus on genetics and are transparent. Great Southern Pinnacle belongs to this program and works with processors in every step of the beef journey.

Try some of our grass-fed beef and taste the difference for yourself.