AAA Beef

by FarmClub Editorial

Our AAA Beef is sourced local in Canada from family-owned farms.

We have high quality standards with end product in mind when sourcing and processing our beef to ensure that our products will be flavourful, perfectly textured and tender. When it comes to our AAA beef, we are very proud of the marbling that is achieved by some grain feeding in addition to grass in order to give their cows that rich fat in perfect balance for a delicious finish. Our farmers are very careful that their levels of grain feeding never come at the cost of animal health and welfare.

We are committed to quality and every piece of beef is evaluated and graded by the CBGA (Canadian Beef Grading Agency). We only provide customers with the top 2/3 of all meat with the highest AAA certification. Not only do we do what we should to get good beef, we back it up with certification and then only sell the best of the best.

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