Our Suppliers

 Air-Chilled Free Run Chicken

Pixtar Canada, located in Georgetown, Ontario, is FarmClub’s chicken supplier. 

They are not a farm itself but rather the processing plant for farms and suppliers that meet their criteria. Our chicken comes from Ontario farms where the animals are raised without hormones and meet the strict compliance requirements of Canadian Halal certification. 

As a plus our chicken is air-chilled instead of frozen in chlorinated water. This gives the chicken a cleaner taste and as it doesn’t sit in water, to cool it doesn’t absorb extra moisture that causes it to shrink and shrivel when cooking.

Our chicken is fresh, gluten and nitrate-free and without the use of additives or preservatives in a gold standard facility. No chemicals or sodium are added to the poultry either, which is a practice sometimes done to give the chicken the ‘look’ of juiciness and making it last longer. Because there is no added water the chicken is delivered with its “green weight” the day that it is processed. Green weight is the weight of the chicken itself with only its natural moistness - nothing added.


Grass Fed Beef

Our grass-fed beef farmers raise their animals on some of the country’s most prestigious farming lands. The year-round rainfall and pretty regular weather mean that they are in the perfect environment for raising high quality, natural beef.

They deliver quality beef consistently because they respect and care for their animals. They don’t come from feedlots. Their cows are free to roam and eat naturally their entire lives, the way they should.  We guarantee 100% grass-fed beef that is free-range and free of antibiotics, genetically modified organisms and hormones. They pride themselves on farming without shortcuts and without stress to the animals and this translates to better tasting beef with marbling and tenderness that is close to perfection. 

Our program is a Canadian cattle raiser partnership and regulatory body that assembles farmers with common values and practices that also are mindful of the environment. They select farmers that are innovative, focus on genetics and are transparent. Our suppliers belong to this program and works with processors in every step of the beef journey.


AAA Beef

Our AAA Beef is sourced local in Canada from family-owned farms.

We have high quality standards with end product in mind when sourcing and processing our beef to ensure that our products will be flavourful, perfectly textured and tender. When it comes to our AAA beef, we are very proud of the marbling that is achieved by some grain feeding in addition to grass in order to give their cows that rich fat in perfect balance for a delicious finish. Our farmers are very careful that their levels of grain feeding never come at the cost of animal health and welfare.

We are committed to quality and every piece of beef is evaluated and graded by the CBGA (Canadian Beef Grading Agency) https://beefgradingagency.ca/ . We only provide customers with the top 2/3 of all meat with the highest AAA certification. Not only do we do what we should to get good beef, we back it up with certification and then only sell the best of the best.


Ontario Pork

FarmClub’s pork is locally raised in Ontario.

Our hog farmers are hyper-focused on safety, sustainability and accountability. All of their pork is traceable down to the fields and grain that their hogs are fed. Their hog suppliers are a part of a closed-cycle of farming which means that the farmers grow the corn and wheat that they feed their pigs; raise those animals naturally and finally are connected intimately with the end processor. Having the farmers raise both the feed and the animal on the same lands helps maintain the richness and quality of the soils and is a proven sustainable production process. Having a hand in all parts of the operation is how they are able to deliver consistent quality, ensure the ethics at every stage and monitor for areas for improvement. 

All of the FarmClub pork supplying farms are in Ontario and are family-owned, which means the farms’ and families’ successes are linked directly to the quality they produce, unlike corporate-owned farms. As with all the meat FarmClub serves, no hormones or chemicals are used in raising the hogs that FarmClub Meats accepts.


Ovation Grass Fed Lamb

FarmClub’s grass-fed and free-range lamb comes from Ovation in New Zealand that assembles the best lamb-raisers across the North Island of New-Zealand. The farms are all scrutinized by an independent third party.

New Zealand is covered in rich, plush grass and this is where Ovation lamb roams and grows stress-free in open and unpolluted pastures. This is what gives the lamb is great fresh taste. The animals are healthy, free, raised without added hormones, GMOs or antibiotics and meet all of the highest international quality standards. Ovation will never add colouring, artificial flavouring, preservatives or other synthetic ingredients to their meat and process their lamb very minimally.

Being 100% grass-fed ensures a good many things. Grass-fed lamb contains less total fat than grain-fed lamb and offer up to five times more essential vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids per serving when they reach your plate.



FarmClub sources fish from multiple sources, including both wild and sustainable farm raised. All fish is labelled and certified by a certification partner. For more information about our certification partners click here.

Some of our best-selling seafood:


Atlantic Salmon

True North Atlantic, sourcing their fish from the North Atlantic and the Gulf of Maine, supplies FarmClub’s salmon. 

True North is a part of the costal communities and their practices embody a way of life that is aware of their environmental influence. They are a family business that began in the Bay of Fundy six generations ago.

Their fish is farmed in fresh, cold, clear waters and raised on a natural diet from sustainable sources. The salmon is hormone, antibiotic and pesticide free. 


Selva Shrimp

FarmClub’s shrimp is provided by Selva Shrimp.

Raising Selva shrimp leaves a very small ecological footprint, making it one of the most environmentally friendly animal protein choice you can make. The shrimp they collect are part of a very natural ecosystem that is sustained by nutrient-rich mangrove forests that also are home to mud crabs, oysters and mudskippers. Cultivating the shrimp this way is certified to be a sustainable practice per OceanWise, a stringent environmental standards watchdog and conservation group.

Selva guarantees that their shrimp are raised without chemicals or additional, non-natural feed. As feed isn’t used, you won’t have to worry about genetically modified organisms finding their way to your plate through their shrimp and prawns.