About our Farm Club Chicken:


Locally Raised in Ontario

Multi-generational family farms across Ontario and Quebec


Sustainably Farmed

  • Throughout every season plenty of living space with great ventilation for warmer and / or cooler months
  • Raised under the most strict health and safety standards to ensure animal welfare and hygiene standards



Raised without the use of any added hormones, or steroids or antibiotics


Natural diet

Feed composed of purified water, corn and soybeans: a well-balanced diet for make well-nourished chicken


100% Air-Chilled

Our chicken is air-chilled instead of frozen in chlorinated water


Our Farm Club poultry is sourced from local family farms across our beautiful province of Ontario. For example the Merrifield Farm’s in Jasper Ontario. They raise their chicken outside when the weather permits it. They roam freely in coops that protect them from predators. These coops are regularly moved to new and greener patches on the farm land so that the chicken always have access to fresh pasture and food. It’s an innovative structure and method that promotes both good health for the chickens and the land: regenerative agriculture.


In the colder winter and fall months the chickens go inside the barn. It’s heated, provides protection from predators and still offer plenty of space to let the chickens roam freely. Their diet is monitored and they receive a diet of corn, beans and purified water.


Farms like these make it possible for Canadians to consume a healthy and local chicken product of which they can be proud of and assured its raised to the highest standards. 100% air chilled, so no shrinking while cooking.


Free range and free run chicken tastes better and is healthier for you. As well as pasture raised chicken. With Farm Club chicken you can feel good about feeding your family.