Free Range Chicken

by FarmClub Editorial

Pixtar Canada, located in Georgetown, Ontario, is FarmClub’s chicken supplier. 



They are not a farm itself but rather the processing plant for farms and suppliers that meet their criteria. Our chicken comes from Ontario farms where the animals are raised without hormones and meet the strict compliance requirements of Canadian Halal certification. 



As a plus our chicken is air-chilled instead of frozen in chlorinated water. This gives the chicken a cleaner taste and as it doesn’t sit in water, to cool it doesn’t absorb extra moisture that causes it to shrink and shrivel when cooking.



Our chicken is fresh, gluten and nitrate-free and without the use of additives or preservatives in a gold standard facility. No chemicals or sodium are added to the poultry either, which is a practice sometimes done to give the chicken the ‘look’ of juiciness and making it last longer. Because there is no added water the chicken is delivered with its “green weight” the day that it is processed. Green weight is the weight of the chicken itself with only its natural moistness - nothing added.

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