How to Store Organic Beef After Delivery

by FarmClub Editorial

How to Store Organic Beef After Delivery

While meat delivery services offer convenience, there are also concerns about food safety. When you order organic beef or other meat products, you must ensure that they are handled and shipped carefully and properly. Like other meat products, beef is perishable and prone to bacteria and spoilage.

After receiving your organic beef delivery, you need to ensure that the meat is quickly and properly stored. You must understand and follow the best practices when preparing beef for storage. This helps protect the meat from bacteria that could cause food poisoning.

Tips on Freezing and Storing Your Beef 


If you want your beef or other meat products to say fresh and avoid spoilage, you need to refrigerate or freeze them. Here are some tips on storing your organic beef after delivery:

Refrigerate beef according to the cut.

For instance, ground beef can be kept in the refrigerator for a day or two. On the other hand, thicker cuts like steak and roast can be refrigerated for three to five days. 

Store beef in the right spot in the refrigerator

If you store meat in the fridge, keep the temperature between 34 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The raw beef should be placed on the lowermost shelf or put in its own drawer to avoid contamination. And remember to keep the fridge clean, too.

Freeze the meat if you are not cooking it within three days

Freezing is your best option if you want to keep your meat longer. The temperature should be below 0 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent bacteria and mold growth. You can keep premium-quality beef frozen for up to a year.

Before freezing the meat, remove the packaging and transfer the beef to a freezer or vacuum-sealed bag to avoid freezer burns. Also, remember to freeze the meat quickly. This will help prevent the formation of ice crystals that can cause the meat's membranes to burst. 

Use vacuum sealers for storing your beef

Vacuum sealers are excellent for ensuring that the meat is kept fresh for longer. When you use vacuum-sealed bags, the oxygen is completely removed from the bags, preventing bacteria growth. 


Observe the recommended storage duration for frozen beef.

Most uncooked beef products can be frozen for several months without compromising quality. If you store the beef in the right storage bags, you can keep roasts and steaks from 4 to 12 months. Ground beef can be safely stored in the freezer for four months.  

How to Thaw Beef Properly.

The best way to thaw or defrost frozen meat is in the fridge, though the meat may take a few days to thaw completely. The quickest way to thaw your frozen beef is to use a microwave. Most modern microwaves have a defrost setting that you can use to thaw your meat.

The Bottom Line

Whether beef will last longer in the freezer depends on the quality of the meat delivered to you. At Farm Club Meats & Fish, we source all our products locally, so we can always guarantee freshness and top quality. And because we sell and ship our products directly to customers, we can offer the best prices.