Why free-range and free-run chicken is better for you

by FarmClub Editorial

Why free-range and free-run chicken is better for you

Farm Club provides you with free-range and free-run chicken

The free-range chickens are grown in an environment where they have access to the outdoors. When chickens are allowed to roam freely they get more space to grow. They are not stressed by the enclosure of the cage-like those of the conventional farms which raise chicken in cages. The free-run chickens are grown in a confinement-free indoor environment. A clean and ventilated environment is provided to the chicken. They are free to move in spacious indoor areas. This gives them the freedom to move and play. So their natural activities are not disturbed and they are not stressed out. By using the online service of Farm Club meat delivery you can have free-range chicken at your doors directly from the butcher.

Free-range and free-run chicken in Canada

The Canadian regulations regarding the labels of food are more uncompromising than those of American ones. So if our meat products pass the Canadian regulations you should not worry about the quality of our products. In winters the free-range and free-run chicken is not very different from each other. This is due to the weather in Canada, as free-range chickens are moved indoors in winters.

Free Run Chicken Barn

Free Range and Free Run Chicken vs. Conventional Chicken

Conventional chicken is grown in confined cages. The barns in which they are grown are flushed with chicken and they don’t even get some space to move freely. They stumble over each other let alone walking in the barns. They are barely able to stand up. The conventional chicken farmers feed them with a formula to multiply their growth rate. The space in their barns gets more congested as they grow. They gain weight rapidly and with a weak skeletal structure, they usually fracture their bones. When grown in such an unhygienic and congested environment they acquire different diseases. It is not healthy for health-conscious consumers to consume the meat from local meat farms, which use the conventional way of farming. Rather the non-vegetarian consumers who want to benefit from the meat must opt for free-range and free-run chicken.

Free Range and Free Run Chicken is better for you

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) depicts free-range chickens as chickens that come from producers who elucidate that their chickens have been given accession to the outside. Free-run chickens are those that can dash free in an open farm that has a variety of nestles and roosts. They are not kept in corrals and have the liberty to mooch the farm floor at their ease. They have ceaseless access into the open air for more than half of their life span. They consume a higher quality diet than conventional birds.

Everyone except vegetarians or vegans likes to eat chicken. A lot of questions arise for chicken lovers regarding the quality of the meat like what kind of chicken they should eat, what is the probability of getting the safe and healthy chicken, and do all the farms treat their birds amply. Honestly, some of these farms handle their birds awfully, conventional chicken meat can be the reservoir of some badly abominable pathogens, including Salmonella, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus aureus, and Enterococcus.  Indoor impoundment makes birds more prone to sickness due to weakened immune systems. A free-range chicken utterly lives an overall healthier life. That is to say, free-range and free-run chicken meat is the only choice you are left with.

The meat of free-range chickens is remarkably lower in fat and richer in protein, iron, and zinc than the meat of traditional birds.. Proteins play a vital role in the maintenance of life. They are chiefly responsible for every chore of cellular life. If your protein needs are not met, your immune system weakens, your hair falls, and your bones become vulnerable to fracking. Some other indications include brittle nails, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, and a lot more. That’s why protein is appertained as “the building block of life”. A study asserted that free-range chicken comes with a better source of meat quality and overall good health and healthy gut bacteria.

Partaking of commercial chicken meat resulted in increases in cholesterol levels and an imbalance in hormone levels. Commercial chicken meat may be the possible reason for the development of polycystic ovary syndrome in females due to steroid hormonal disproportion. The chicken grown in conventional farms get a diet that triggers weight gain in them. This disproportion of hormones proves to be harmful to the consumers.

Conventional chicken arrives from factory farms, where the chickens are packed into cages, unsanitary and unhealthy conditions prevail. Unhealthy conditions make the chickens sick, and they are given shots of antibiotics. These antibiotics find their way to meat and finally into the consumers. Conventional chicken may cause hormonal disruptions and contain harmful pathogens. While in the case of the good-quality chicken; that is antibiotic-free the process of giving antibodies is discontinued before 10-15 days of slaughter. The meat delivery service of the Farm Club makes good quality free-range chicken available to you.

Free-range chickens also lay healthier eggs. Compared to the eggs from caged hens, eggs from free-range hens contain; less cholesterol, less saturated fat, more Vitamin A and E, more Omega-3, and more beta-carotene. We get these healthy eggs hatched to raise good quality free-range and free-run chicken. Our purpose is to provide our consumers with high-quality chicken. So our primary focus is to grow healthy chicken rather than feeding them with an imbalanced diet to get weighty chicken or a large number of eggs. 

Meat delivery from Farm Club

You can obtain free-range chicken directly from the butcher of Farm Club. You don’t need to go to local meat shops, but you can use our online meat delivery service and get quality assured meat at your ease. The meat from Farm Club will reach you directly from the butcher without the involvement of the middle man. Apart from the benefits of free-range and free-run chicken, we also provide you with the chicken at reduced prices. Farm Club offers individually packaged products and Club Packs that are like discounted deals that is different from local meat. The Farm Club offers services throughout Toronto GTA, Quebec, Ottawa Ontario, and across Canada.